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Are you searching for modular home builders or prefab homes NZ?

Leisurecom Homes are your specialist design and construction company. We are prefabricated home builders with expertise in removable homes and modular house building. At Leisurecom Homes, we offer unlimited possibilities for modular buildings with unique design and style. This allows us to provide our customers with a home designed to meet their specific requirements and budget.

Whether you require a home, bach, farm, sleepout, or office we can deliver to your needs. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process to ensure your building experience is an enjoyable one!


The Construction Process

At Leisurecom Homes we specialise in design and build options. We are passionate about understanding our clients' needs and we believe creating an open and clear relationship is essential. Below is a guide as to the processes Leisurecom Homes follows in order to build your relocatable home. This is based on a standard build and can vary to suit the situation.

  1. Meeting with the client to understand needs and requirements for the proposed project and gather information
  2. Concept plans drawn, specification formulated and price confirmed
  3. Final plans, Building Specification and Contract signed
  4. Deposit paid and receipt sent out
  5. Permit plans completed
  6. Lodgement of the permit to local authority
  7. Choose colours and kitchen design
  8. Once permits are confirmed we can confirm the building start date
  9. Once we start building we can confirm the delivery date
  10. Onsite sub-trades are booked in
  11. An appointment is made for a final inspection and sign off
  12. Payments completed as to contractual agreement
  13. The building is sited and all services are connected along with our onsite crew completing any decks, baseboards, carports, etc

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Leisurecom Homes Guarantee

At Leisurecom Homes we pride ourselves on delivering our promise.

  • We agree to design and construct your Leasurecom relocatable home to the highest industry standard.
  • We will guarantee the structural stability (built to code NZ3604) of your home for the period of seven years. This guarantee will take effect from the day of hand over to the client.
Guarantee of Total Price

Leisurecom Homes guarantee that the Total Contract Price (based on specification and plan), which we will advise you of in writing before we start building your home, will be the final price you will pay. Please note the following exclusions to this guarantee:

  • Any variations to your home that you request after the contract is signed; and any adjustments made to PC sums
  • Increase in excavation, foundation and drainage cost due to factors not apparent at the time of signing the contract
  • Increased costs resulting from damage or delays caused by the weather (Onsite Build)
  • Increased costs resulting from changes to Local Authority requirements

Leisurecom Homes guarantee to take action to repair or replace any defective work or materials for a period of two years. In the unlikely event defective workmanship or materials become apparent, you are required to:

  • Notify Leisurecom Homes within fourteen days, so that appropriate remedial action can be taken; and
  • Take any action needed to limit further damage of the problem until it can be assessed by Leisurecom Homes.
Transfer of guarantees

The maintenance, Structural Guarantees are transferable to another party, should the home be sold prior to their expiry date. The request for transfer must be made in writing within 30 days of the new owner taking possession of the property. All Sub-contractors/Materials/Fittings which are covered by their own manufacturers warranties or guarantees will supersede Leisurecom Homes Guarantees.

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